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Buddha’s Truth

I just ran across this quote attributed to the Buddha and I appreciate it very much as another articulation of truth: what we should believe, and as importantly what and who we should not believe. I think in many ways, my own “exploration of truth” is about tending to experience and directing my life according […]

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Speaking the Whole Truth – A Path to Authenticity

The more I am honest with myself, the more I realize that there is a distinct split between what we present to others and that which is actually our truth. This is not something that is necessarily intentional. We generally don’t mean to lie to others, and in many ways what I am talking about […]


Being In Love

I have a confession to make. I’m quite curious about what it means to be in love. Don’t get me wrong, I do love. I feel love very often, many many times each day, and tears can and often do come to my eyes just from the sensation of that love. But that love comes […]

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Over the past many years, I’ve continued to be interested in learning something which might be considered akin to the truth as pertains to reality and our existence.  Some things are starting to click together and in a way it has me somewhat excited.  It feels a little new, so I thought I’d explore it […]


Cultivating Acceptance

There are times in life when another’s behavior can really get to us, and we become oblivious to the possibility that there may be some form of mental or emotional impairment which is triggering the behavior.  In my own town at the moment, there is a man with known mental health issues being sought for […]