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All the True Vows – David Whyte

I just re-read this poem yesterday and feel the truth it touches in my own soul.  To me it gently encourages that otherwise oft terrifying connection to what is really true within ourselves.  As with much poetry, it is best read aloud: All the True Vows by David Whyte All the true vows are secret […]

on traveling poems & stories

The House of Belonging

I’m so glad to be home. I wasn’t fully expecting this, but it’s just so nice being back here. I love this place, this ocean, the stars at night, the silences, the seals, the birds, my friends. Yesterday evening I walked out to the beach and went for a nice stroll. I’ve been craving getting […]

family poems & stories

Must Be Found Again in a New Whole

I’m back at my home now in California and I’ve been feeling very tired since my return. I think it is a combination of a few things: Jet lag and not sleeping enough this past week A little bug I picked up on the plane Travelers emotional exhaustion It’s the last item on the list […]