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“Some Kind of Freedom”

Two years ago, when I took off for my first summer of van travels, I began to understand the power of freedom in a different way. Spending extended time in a van allowed life and time to flow in a more free-flowing, less encumbered way. Ease and simplicity became not just concepts, but actual values […]

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Caught Up in the River of Capitalism

Sometimes the things we take for granted are exactly the things that we should question the most. The more and more I wander this lifetime, the more I gradually come to see that the underlying way we function as a society is truly off.  This realization began in earnest a couple of summers ago while […]

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Freedom From Doing

I’m starting to get a flavor of the freedom I last wrote about, but it is distinctly different than I had anticipated. At its core, it is a freedom from doing, but also one which does not necessarily involve idleness. Seems a bit of a paradox, I know, but trust me I’ll do my best […]

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Some Kind of Freedom

Something different is happening with my van, the Casa Roma, that I didn’t quite expect. It’s not that it’s surprising, it’s just that I hadn’t really anticipated it. It’s a freedom thing. Normally I have a lot of freedom in my life, committing only to doing things where my heart is drawn and that I […]

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Nepal Trek – Upper Mustang – Part II

Day 2: Kagbeni – Chele These treks are getting tougher. Longer day along the Kali Gandaki with more climbs and a nice stop for a bowl of garlic soup for lunch. Took a nap there in a somewhat reclined chair with a kitty sleeping on my belly. Felt a bit like heaven to me, and […]


Wanting Even That Which We Don’t Like

 I read something a week or so ago which pretty much stopped me in my tracks. It was one of those things, that, if true, would imply that perhaps my entire way of being may have been off for my entire life. The words have continued to both haunt and inspire me, so I thought […]


“Perfect Truth in World Existence is Possible”

I just read my friend Lori’s post on her Circumsolatious blog. She posted an excerpt from a writing by Sri Aurobindo, the Indian metaphysician/yogi who left his earthly body back in 1950. Here is a quote from that which I loved: “If life in the world were irrevocably bound to misery, a means of escape […]