my deal….

I live a very blessed life. I try my best to live consciously and my writing hopefully is reflective of that. I call this site “explorations” of truth because I don’t have all the answers. I’m simply a curious soul exploring my own very human incarnation. My goal, if you could call it such is to live an awake life, not deluding myself or letting old ways of being and thinking blindly coerce their way into my future. I travel a fair amount, which gives me the opportunity to learn about life from different perspectives. My personal belief is that this lifetime is truly all we have and I don’t want to squander it by living in a way that is blind to the beauty and reality that surrounds us.

I live on the Mendocino coast of Northern California, an oasis among modern day madness. I rent my home as a vacation holiday rental at times which puts me on the road somewhere, commonly in Thailand (where my father and step-mother call home), in Nepal where I enjoy spending time with a charity I am involved with, or parts unknown when I’m feeling more courageous and inspired. I also have a van I call the Casa Roma which I have built into my mobile introvert sanctuary, spending time mostly in nature and visiting with friends.

My writing here is much like journaling for me, helping me to work my way through to hopefully making sense of something that I may be seeing or experiencing. It helps me on my way to becoming the someone with integrity that I am hoping to become. My mother, Lucy Reed, was a jazz singer and I seem to have inherited her love of music (and perhaps a wee portion of her talent). My father Serge Seymour, uncle Ron Seymour and grandfather Maurice Seymour are/were all talented and successful professional photographers and I seem to have inherited that love as well. I built my own home, my own van, and love woodworking projects in my home shop.

It may taken a long time, but I’ve come to believe that a nap in the sand is to be considered a targetable accomplishment on a good day.

Ted Evan Seymour

In the van. Definitely one of my happy places…