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Buddha’s Truth

I just ran across this quote attributed to the Buddha and I appreciate it very much as another articulation of truth: what we should believe, and as importantly what and who we should not believe. I think in many ways, my own “exploration of truth” is about tending to experience and directing my life according to the “truths” which appear. All that we can know to be true is simply that which is true to us in our own experience. Lately I’ve been learning to trust that which is actually happening rather than that which I necessarily think or believe.

Do not believe a thing simply because it has been said.
Do not put your faith in traditions only because they have been honored by many generations.
Do not believe a thing because the general opinion believes it to be true or because it has been said repeatedly.
Do not believe a thing because of the single witness of one of the sages of antiquity.
Do not believe a thing because the probabilities are in its favor, or because you are in the habit of believing it to be true.
Do not believe in that which comes to your imagination, thinking that it must be the revelation of a superior Being.
Believe nothing that bids you to the sole authority of your masters or priests.
That which you have tried for yourself,
which you have experienced, which you have recognized as true,
and which will be beneficial to you and to others;
believe that, and shape your conduct to it.

the Buddha


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