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The Happiness Infusion

I’m happy. You know how I know? I keep saying it. Out loud. To myself. There are different phrasings that arise: I’ll be driving down the road, some road, heading somewhere, anywhere, and I’ll hear myself say “God, I’m so happy right now.” I might be sitting by a river playing my guitar and the […]

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Supremely Happy

I feel supremely happy. It was a phrase that hit me the other afternoon. I’ve been helping establish an online mathematics program here in Kathmandu for an orphanage (Nepal Orphan’s Home) of 140 or so kids (approx 110 girls and 30 boys). We’ve been starting slowly, the first day with 4 girls, added 2 boys […]

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Settling In

For many of us there can be a sense of clinging to an idea of a life other than the one which we are living. We may be living our lives, but we live them without a contentment and acceptance of that which we have been granted or have created. We may idealize a relationship […]

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Musings from the Eurostar on Uncertainty and Commitment

I’ve been about as non-committal as a person can be lately, hardly ever knowing my plans more than a few days out. It started with trying to figure out when I would officially vacate my home for the summer and when I would leave the town I live in, and continues to the present, where […]

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The Land of Truth

I love this story. Thought you might enjoy it as well. A certain man believed that the ordinary waking life, as people know it, could not possibly be complete.  He sought the real Teacher of the Age. He read many books and joined many circles and he heard the words and witnessed the deeds of […]

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Sri Lanka – First Impressions

Just what the doctor ordered! I am so happy to be here in Sri Lanka. And warm!!!!! What I’ve missed, aside from the warm weather, has been warm smiles and here, as in India, they are doled out freely and frequently. Here people don’t avoid eye contact, and if you nod or smile, they return […]