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Speaking the Whole Truth – A Path to Authenticity

The more I am honest with myself, the more I realize that there is a distinct split between what we present to others and that which is actually our truth. This is not something that is necessarily intentional. We generally don’t mean to lie to others, and in many ways what I am talking about […]


Growing Up

Yesterday I went to see a skin specialist because of some poison oak which is affecting my eyes. I am not a pretty picture. When I got there, they checked my vital signs (weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature) and also my height. I haven’t been measured vertically for many years, and I’ve always believed my […]

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The House of Belonging

I’m so glad to be home. I wasn’t fully expecting this, but it’s just so nice being back here. I love this place, this ocean, the stars at night, the silences, the seals, the birds, my friends. Yesterday evening I walked out to the beach and went for a nice stroll. I’ve been craving getting […]

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I Am 46

I am 46 years old. 46 ½ actually. So? To some of you that may seem old and to some that may seem rather young. In recent years, my age has begun to feel a little older than I would like to be. I think that is actually true for most people over the age […]