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Sharing Our Gifts

As we wander the decades, most people strive to impart meaning and contribution into their lives. I doubt there are many people on this planet who haven’t wondered what their purpose in life is? This simple yet profound answer has the broadest possible range of possibilities when applied at the level of the individual. I’ve […]


Nepal Trek – Upper Mustang – Part V – End of the Trek

We came back to Ghemi from Lo Manthang by Jeep in order to make it to the Yar Tung festival. Hiked an hour to get to a very high field tucked along the mountains. Along the way, helped a motocyclist in distress to fix his chain. He offered me a ride, but the uphill very […]

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European Rainbow Gathering – Portugal – Day 5

 (Written 8 days ago on Aug 9th)  I’m at my second European Rainbow Gathering right now, Day 5, and I love it. This one is in Portugal, and the last one I attended in 2009 was in Ukraine. It is simply wonderful here. There is no commerce allowed here (save for the magic hat being […]


Generosity and Hospitality in Belgium

I learned some very nice lessons in generosity and hospitality while spending these past few days in Belgium. My dear fried Guy whom I know from Oakland back in California was traveling here with his family visiting his original home and extended family and invited me to join up with them. They are such a […]

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Snowy New Year in L’viv

Still in L’viv and heavy flakes are falling down on this New Year’s Eve day. Walked past a homeless woman with a large wooly dog and a large gathering of bags and wondered why I didn’t give her a generous gift. Would $10 really matter to me? Would it to her? Next to her was […]