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Confessions of a Cold Weather Wimp

I hate being cold. I do. Here in Kathmandu, my bones are cold. The days are lovely and sunny and pleasantly warm, but once the sun goes down, the cold from these buildings radiates inward, like the ghosts of those frozen to death in the Himalayas who restlessly try to steady themselves upon human metabolism. […]

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Whose Life Is This Anyway?

How do we determine what we like, what we don’t, what we believe, what we don’t, what we want, what we don’t? The more I look at this, the more surprisingly difficult it seems to find the answers to these questions. In my last post, I wrote about an experience I had while jogging, which […]

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Phosphorescence, Knowingness and Totality

The other night I was in my hottub looking out at the ocean under a beautiful star-filled midnight sky.  There was no moon present so it was very dark, yet the waves had a luminance about them as they broke on the shore.  I pulled my camera equipment and tripod together and went down to […]

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Loving the Choo Choo

I started this a few days ago, prior to departing Bulgaria: I realize that I haven’t written much since I’ve been on this journey, and I suppose there are a few reasons for that. One is that since leaving France, I’ve met up with Lidia at a beach resort area in Bulgaria and I find […]


Perfect Imperfection

I’ve been thinking a lot about perfection lately, as it relates to myself, others and the universe as a whole. There is something in me which is oriented towards believing that the universe and everything in it is perfect exactly as it is. I want to write and explore that here because there is a […]


Unfolding Exactly as it Should?

My storm seems to have passed, at least for the moment. In a way, I feel like I’ve lost my process slightly, but I also feel like I’ve settled into a place which is much more calm, much less affected by whatever is happening around me. People seem to be coming to me lately as […]

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Don’t Make Me Go to that Party

I’m feeling a little uncomfortable this past day or so. What I’m noticing right now is how nice it is to be in small more intimate settings, one-on-one with someone familiar, rather than being in larger settings where I don’t really know others. I tend to stay within the circles with which I am familiar […]