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The End of Goodness?

Like many of us, I emerged into this world with a strong moral code. You simply do the right thing. Period. The obligation of true adulthood is that you speak the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, and allow that spoken truth to set life’s wheels in motion for whatever order and consequence naturally and appropriately […]

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Buddha’s Truth

I just ran across this quote attributed to the Buddha and I appreciate it very much as another articulation of truth: what we should believe, and as importantly what and who we should not believe. I think in many ways, my own “exploration of truth” is about tending to experience and directing my life according […]

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When I Look in Your Eyes

Today while at the beach with some friends, we came upon a seal on the beach (pictured above) that appeared to not be doing so well. It’s generally strange to see seals on the beach here as they tend to stay on the rocks except to pup. Anyway, we thought about what to do and […]