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The Power of Belief and the Vial of Positivity

So I am off with Sonia to Portugal to the European Rainbow gathering and, while still at the airport in England I am feeling the stirrings of openness happening within me. It is related to the experience I had in Glastonbury (see: “Closed Minded with Geomancer’s In Glastonbury, England“) where I was harboring skepticism about […]

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Closed Minded with Geomancers in Glastonbury, England

Something is amiss in the mists of Avalon, a.k.a. Glastonbury, England, and it’s either me or new age spirituality. I just don’t seem to have much accordance with crystal healers and chakra aligners, and this place is teeming with them. So as I see it, either something is up with the segment of the populace […]

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Vacations and Returning to Exhale

I’m coming to understand the power and necessity of having vacations now and again.  Two mornings ago, while sitting in the sun in my friend Paul’s back yard having tea with his lodger Sarah and also his sister Sarah, One of the Sarah’s commented on how happy and relaxed I looked.  The other Sarah chimed […]

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There but for the Grace of God, Drunkenly Go I

Yesterday I got a keen glimpse into an underbelly of English life at the Pevensey Bay Music Festival. I went there with my friend Paul and his sister Sarah. As we meandered about and stopped occasionally, we found ourselves immersed in a sea of drinkers and it was often difficult to know whether to attribute […]

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Coming Home to Self

I’m finally returning. Not home, but to myself. I’m in London where I’ve been, outside of that 3 day jaunt to Belgium, for the past couple of weeks. I had been struggling some lately, some of which you may have read about here as regards a lack of ground (see “Losing Ground“), as well as […]