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Musings from the Eurostar on Uncertainty and Commitment

I’ve been about as non-committal as a person can be lately, hardly ever knowing my plans more than a few days out. It started with trying to figure out when I would officially vacate my home for the summer and when I would leave the town I live in, and continues to the present, where […]

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Leaving the Homeland

It’s time for me to leave my home again.  As many of you know, I rent my home out often as a vacation rental and since summer is peak season (folks from the ungodly hot Sacramento Valley love coming over to the coast to chill in the summer), for the past couple of years I’ve […]

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Don’t Make Me Go to that Party

I’m feeling a little uncomfortable this past day or so. What I’m noticing right now is how nice it is to be in small more intimate settings, one-on-one with someone familiar, rather than being in larger settings where I don’t really know others. I tend to stay within the circles with which I am familiar […]

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Farewell Ukrainya

Farewell Ukraine. On a plane on my way from Kiev towards a stop in London on my way back to the States. There was something special about Ukraine for me. Funny, though, I think I might be willing to say that about any place where I spend an extended period of time. I think one […]