Closed Minded with Geomancers in Glastonbury, England — 4 Comments

  1. Great punchline at the end there. Made me chuckle. There's something to the crystal stuff IMO and experience. So I'd swap that one for the horse wisdom. Where do you stand with ghosts? I've been pretty skeptical, but am becomming open to the possibility that the man who built our house haunts it. This openness comes from direct experience and the experiences of others I love and trust. So I don't think you have to be open to anything more than the idea that your entrenched beliefs may change if you experience something new.

  2. Loved your ending. I was at the Glastonbury Festival in 1981 and back then it was a weekend all about Nuclear Disarmament, don't think they had a clue about the stuff your experiencing at the ashram now. I definitely would be interested in these offerings you mentioned Lotusheart and Energy Work, Positive Living Group, and the Tibetan Healing. I have been hesitant to attend the Crystal Bowl Signing Group at my Local Living Well Cancer Center Group and some of the other new agey stuff they are now offering. Learning about some of your adventures I think I will now.

  3. Seconding Mara, really. We run two of the witchcraft shops in town, but my academic background is in the history and philosophy of science, so I understand a great deal of our scepticism. I'm primarily an empiricist, however, and if what we do didn't appear to work, I wouldn't continue doing it.

    Liz Williams

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