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Surrender and Existential Perfection

This is a topic I don’t particularly want to write about. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if whatever comes out here gets dutifully apportioned to the recycle bin. It’s a topic I don’t like, and don’t even want to attend to, which in a way makes it more important for me to write about […]

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Family Detours in Thailand

Sorry I haven’t written here in the past week. I had meant to, but life has a way of traveling it’s own direction despite our intentions and planning. I moved on from India to Thailand because I wanted to spend a little time with my father and his wife before heading back to the states. […]

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We Learn to Love by Loving

I’m in London at the moment, as I’ve really enjoyed my time in England these past several weeks. I seem to have connected with a really good group of people, people who are fairly conscious, and who are either creating art, trying to make the world a better place or trying to make themselves a […]