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Technology Wants to Steal my Soul

Over the years, I’ve regularly had to come face to face with my tendency for addiction to technology. Facebook, Instagram and digital games all have had their way with me. Mobile phones and other devices are insidious little creatures, worming their way in through my eyes and affixing themselves to the more easily seduced parts […]

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Closed Minded with Geomancers in Glastonbury, England

Something is amiss in the mists of Avalon, a.k.a. Glastonbury, England, and it’s either me or new age spirituality. I just don’t seem to have much accordance with crystal healers and chakra aligners, and this place is teeming with them. So as I see it, either something is up with the segment of the populace […]


A Few Reasons I Love India

A friend of mine recently questioned why I love India so much. Here are a few reasons: The other night, I walked around Arunachala, the mountain residence along with Mt. Kailash in Tibet of the Hindu god Lord Shiva. It was the full moon night, and as with every full moon, about 150,000 people walked […]