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Holy Sh*t, We Really are Interconnected

It’s everywhere. Everywhere I look, someone or something is providing support to me. I never quite saw it before like I do now. Sometimes that support is truly for my betterment, sometimes it’s simply making my life easier, but in either case, support seems to be everywhere. The funny thing is, it’s kind of surprising […]

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Where My Heart Wants to Be

In the past few weeks, I’ve made special efforts to help others or otherwise go where needed. This included going to a graduation and a dance recital for the dear daughters of a friend, spending hours on the phone and in person with a friend going through some difficult transitions, playing a round of golf […]

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Where Am I Needed?

I’ve been struggling a bit lately, and it’s being spurred on by my needing to vacate my home in favor of vacation renters who I’ve lined up for much of the summer.  The question of where I am going often comes up for me and I simply don’t know – many thoughts and ideas and […]

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Sweet Moon Language

A friend of mine sent me this poem a few days ago and while it touched me then, it continues to seep into my soul in an unexpected way. With That Moon Language With That Moon Language Admit something: Everyone you see, you say to them, “Love me.” Of course you do not do this […]

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“Nobody Gives a Shit” and the Sublime Aloneness

I’m in a very interesting place right now, one which has been fraught with struggle as well as blessed with perfection and liberation. What I’ve seen lately is that the more grounded and still I become, the easier it is for me to just “be” with others and listen to them. I’m finding that when […]

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We Learn to Do by Doing

It all gets a little tricky when we try to implement our spiritual realizations with our lives as humans. I went through a very challenging day a few days ago still struggling with whether or not to travel with Shanti. Although you may have read in my recent post that I had decided against going, […]