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The Power of Belief and the Vial of Positivity

So I am off with Sonia to Portugal to the European Rainbow gathering and, while still at the airport in England I am feeling the stirrings of openness happening within me. It is related to the experience I had in Glastonbury (see: “Closed Minded with Geomancer’s In Glastonbury, England“) where I was harboring skepticism about various metaphysical notions (and potions). So here I am at the airport at security with a fellow Rainbow traveler we met here, and as he is getting patted down by a transportation security official (they are allowed to be much more jocular here than in the US, BTW) they question a necklace he is wearing which has several small vials attached to it. He tells them they do not open but professional skeptics that they are trained to be, they fiddle with them and take it off to a side area to monkey with it a bit. As they are doing that, I tell him they definitely appear like some sort of illicit stashes and asked him what they are. His response was that they contained “positive energy”(see image above).

The thing that is touching me this time is that the wearer of the vial does appear himself to be a container of positive energy. Perhaps there is more truth to this afterall. A few minutes later, when I asked Sonia whether she believe vials could contain positive energy, she beamed, said “absolutely,” and then told me she has a rock packed in her pack which provides her with positive energy and support.

So why not? What is the harm of being open to the possibility that a small vial can contain positive energy or positive frequencies? Skepticism is actually quite limiting and, to be honest, perhaps a tad boring. Why not openness as a path? Trusting? Believing? I am feeling gleefully happy as I write this. I think it’s the feeling of letting go, of relaxing my grip, of not relying on my mind for all of my beliefs but perhaps relying more on my heart, on my trust, my openness.

When I went to Rainbow (my first) in the Carpathians in Ukraine two summers ago, there was a song we all collectively sang at most of the food circles. Here are the words:

Every little cell in my body is happy,
Every little cell in my body is glad.
I’m so glad, every little cell,
In my body is happy and well.

It feels to me, like a theme song for positivism and the power of manifesting belief. I do believe that what we believe to be true has much more likelihood of actually becoming manifest. When we full-heartedly believe that every little cell in our bodies is happy, I think we actually become happier. If that should be true, isn’t it the same that when we believe that a vial contains positive energy, and further believe that wearing or holding that vial transmits that positive energy to us, that we actually become more infused with positive energy. I would actually argue “yes.

So is it the vial or is it the belief? I think both, for the belief doesn’t exist without the vial, and the vial of positive energy doesn’t exist (or does it?) without the belief. Certainly there is power in belief. What we believe becomes our reality. The goal of spiritual practice is often one to help us to loosen our belief structures in order to diffuse the power that our ordinary mind exerts over our perceptions of reality. When we come to see that everything that is appearing in our experience is being filtered and interpreted by our mind, and when through our practice we learn to detach from our identification with that mind, then reality can begin to present itself in a pure, unfiltered, unfettered way.

I love going to Rainbow gatherings in part because I feel like an emissary between two worlds, between the selfish, mind-centered world within which many of us (including myself) normally reside, and the generous, heart-centered world which is Rainbow.

If we live in a world of skepticism and disbelief, then we don’t allow the magic of this life and this universe to manifest. Our lives are generally constrained within the rational boxes within which we reside. Believe in the impossible and it becomes possible, believe in goodness and you’ll see it everywhere, believe in Love and you’ll open the space for it to unfold.

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