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I Am NOT That

I just recently finished a 9 day retreat, and while on that retreat, I somehow became more oppositional than I have ever been. It was so strong that I could hardly sit in the main meditation/teaching hall, and certainly didn’t want to listen. A voice and a power has been arising in me which rejects […]

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Delcaration of Theistic Independence

I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe in a higher being. I don’t believe in True Nature, The Absolute or any of the other mystical names atributed to God-like capacities. I don’t believe Jesus was the son of God any more than you or I might have been, should God have existed in the […]

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Jesus, Joy and Dancing

Yesterday I was wandering around L’viv, Ukraine and making the rounds of some of the historic churches here. Sometimes when I walk into a church I feel incredibly liberated, uplifted. It’s not easy to explain or understand exactly why, but it certainly happens. Today when walking through these churches I felt exhausted, down, sullened. As […]

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For Whom Am I Writing?

For whom am I writing this blog? It’s time I wrote about this a little because my “readership” if you want to call it that has grown, and I guess I want to clear the roadway a little bit for truthful writing to emerge. When I first started writing the blog back in August of […]

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all things for a reason…

All things happen for a reason… so i’m in chennai and my camera is so far miraculously working, so I go out to shoot a bunch to field test it. – fyi, you can double click on all the images in these blog postings to see larger versions – sorry some of these were blurry, […]