For Whom Am I Writing? — 2 Comments

  1. Sending love light and hugs Ted! Really look forward to reading your posts (following you on Blogger). You’re right there with the Psiplex daily surf. Gotta have my Ted fix or the day won’t work out right đŸ™‚One Love

  2. All this time, I thought you were writing just for me.Got your message, and sorry our packets were separated by time and distance. Reading these long posts is something I look forward to, and for a while I didn’t have time for anything I look forward to. And by the time I had the time, I was too far behind. Please know that I have been meaning to catch up, but haven’t been able to.I had this same struggle with the journal and how my writing changed when I started letting others read it. And sometimes I think I wrote some things with the specific intention of someone else reading it – as if its inclusion in my semi-sacred book would lend truth to the words or something. “See, it’s in my journal so it has to be true.”I have a hard time not giving advice or a pep talk when I hear someone I love has a problem or is feeling down. I have given up on trying to change that- it may be a cop out because of a personal failure, but I think there is at least a nugget of truth when I say I have realized that it is a trait that I really don’t want to change.I am trying to become a better listener though.

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