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Observations from Delhi Airport and Breaking the Sugar Attachment

On my way returning to Kathmandu, Nepal to work with Nepal Orphan’s Home on using Khan Academy with their kids.  While traveling there from London, I just barely caught my connection through Delhi. In the airport there, I noticed three distinct things: The pollution in Delhi is intense with the ground full of a haze […]

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Video with Mooji, I Cound Not Get on the Bus

While I was in India for the first few months of 2009, I sat for a time with Mooji, a wonderful spiritual teacher and very heartful human being.  While there and intending to return to the states, I had an experience where I went to the bus to begin my journey back and I simply […]

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Family Detours in Thailand

Sorry I haven’t written here in the past week. I had meant to, but life has a way of traveling it’s own direction despite our intentions and planning. I moved on from India to Thailand because I wanted to spend a little time with my father and his wife before heading back to the states. […]

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Today it began to become clear to me what has been the reason for my more emotional swings while on this trip. As you know if you’ve been reading lately, there’s definitely been more variance in my moods than is usual for me. I think the common theme has to do with “disconnection.” As a […]


A Few Reasons I Love India

A friend of mine recently questioned why I love India so much. Here are a few reasons: The other night, I walked around Arunachala, the mountain residence along with Mt. Kailash in Tibet of the Hindu god Lord Shiva. It was the full moon night, and as with every full moon, about 150,000 people walked […]