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Delcaration of Theistic Independence

I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe in a higher being. I don’t believe in True Nature, The Absolute or any of the other mystical names atributed to God-like capacities. I don’t believe Jesus was the son of God any more than you or I might have been, should God have existed in the […]


The Aloneness Interplay

Lately, I’ve been noticing more issues around being alone arising.  When I say “being alone” I don’t just mean in the obvious way of not being with a partner on a day-to-day basis although that does come into play. I don’t fully know how to describe it but I’m just getting in touch with a […]

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Ready to Sing Halelujah!

I’m floating. It’s amazing being back here in the United States.  Didn’t expect to feel this way, but here it is and here I am.  And it really has very little or nothing to do with the fact that it is the United States.  It’s really me within the US.  I feel in a way […]