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Wanting Cake and Pie

I don’t fully understand why people lie, why they are so afraid of the truth. I continue to become more and more a fan of it. The more I write this blog, the more I am beginning to see that truth is just another word for reality. If something is true, then it is real. […]

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Phosphorescence, Knowingness and Totality

The other night I was in my hottub looking out at the ocean under a beautiful star-filled midnight sky.  There was no moon present so it was very dark, yet the waves had a luminance about them as they broke on the shore.  I pulled my camera equipment and tripod together and went down to […]

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Don’t Make Me Go to that Party

I’m feeling a little uncomfortable this past day or so. What I’m noticing right now is how nice it is to be in small more intimate settings, one-on-one with someone familiar, rather than being in larger settings where I don’t really know others. I tend to stay within the circles with which I am familiar […]

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The Wish to be Generous

I ran across this poem and somehow it seems to touch something deeper in me, something about making peace with what is. Not being at odds with reality. Being perfectly content in moving forward in life, and even in death. The Wish to be Generous by Wendell Berry ALL that I serve will die, all […]