Nepal Trek – Upper Mustang – Part V – End of the Trek

We came back to Ghemi from Lo Manthang by Jeep in order to make it to the Yar Tung festival. Hiked an hour to get to a very high field tucked along the mountains. Along the way, helped a motocyclist in distress to fix his chain. He offered me a ride, but the uphill very […]


Establishing Habits for Positive Change

Over the past several months, I have been playing with making positive changes in my life. In the process, I’ve learned a lot about habits, both positive and negative, and how to alter them. It is important when establishing new habits to make a commitment for a limited time. Open ended commitments are almost always […]

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The Continuum of Mental Health – Where do you fall?

My time spent in France has been very simple and enjoyable. Most of my time this past week or so has been at Karma Ling, a Tibetan Dharma center in the Alps, which is housed in a 1,000 year old formerly Catholic monastery. It is always so nice to spend time among people whose focus […]