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More Like the Butter and Less Like the Fly Part

I almost started this post out by apologizing for not writing for awhile but in fact I’m not sorry about it. I’ve really been unable to write, although not for a lack of trying. I do wish I had been able to write because I enjoy keeping a thread of connection open with my readers […]

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Plate Spinning and the Truth

I’m back in the U.S. on a 10 day retreat now and there are some very deep things moving for me here. The beautiful part for me is that, like the title of this blog, they have to do with a love of and yearning for the truth. If you’ve been a reader here for […]

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I know what it is like to feel peaceful and still inside. I have had this experience as a way of being for a good part of this last year. This year isn’t starting off that way for me. Yesterday, however, it came back, maybe for about 20 minutes, but it did come back and […]

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Silence Please

Silence, Please You who have run my life, my plans, my past, my future. You may not have my present. This moment is mine. This love, my treasure. And you will not despoil it with your negations, temperings, sullyings, ruinations. Is this moment not good enough for you? The future, unfortunately, comes sufficiently too soon. […]

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This Moment as Manifestation

Last night, I was sitting downstairs in my home at a worktable I’ve set up, working on printing photographic images and also on a book project that has been brewing, and I acutely felt the quality of manifestation. It has a very warm, restful, satisfying feeling to it. There is something in my personality which […]

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The iPod Method for Spiritual Enlightenment

Many of us seek some form of enlightenment, a release from the mind, so that there can remain a simple capacity to just “be.” So off we run to workshops, travel to ashrams in India, chant on mountaintops in Tibet, sit on our meditation cushions, go to church, read spiritual texts, and even fall to […]

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Ever-Increasing Perfection

Life is good, and then it gets better, and then better yet, and then…. Hard to explain this one, but its how it feels. I remember years back, there used to be a popular expression, “Life’s a bitch and then you die.” Talk about a miserable perspective. I think that what is happening for me […]

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Exploration of Joy, Rainbow part.2

(started a few days ago) Leaving Rainbow tomorrow and I really hate to leave. I’ve been having such a wonderful time here. Making so many friends and having wonderful experiences. Noticing that I’m having a little “Aunt Marie Syndrome.” Aunt Marie was the 80+ year old aunt of my ex Nancee who was often known […]