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Silence Please

Silence, Please

You who have run my life, my plans, my past, my future.
You may not have my present.
This moment is mine.
This love, my treasure.
And you will not despoil it with your
negations, temperings, sullyings, ruinations.

Is this moment not good enough for you?
The future, unfortunately, comes sufficiently too soon.
What might you derive by taking this from me?
Don’t you realize that this is all that I ever have?
Nothing is mine except that it is here now.

Mostly, my love has no where to spend its heart-felt generosity
save for right now,
with this woman
with this joy
in this moment
with its preponderant kindness and beauty.

Please don’t take this away from me.
Perhaps soon you will have your way.
But this is mine.
This moment.
This sincere and boisterously generous moment,
that we have somehow courageously
or curiously enough brought to life,
need not be pregnant with ruin, or decay, or failure,
or even goodbye.

Silence, please.

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