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Ever-Increasing Perfection

Life is good, and then it gets better, and then better yet, and then….

Hard to explain this one, but its how it feels. I remember years back, there used to be a popular expression, “Life’s a bitch and then you die.” Talk about a miserable perspective. I think that what is happening for me really comes from the love affair I am having with reality. I keep having moments where it seems like it is the final peak experience of this trip, and then another comes along, and then another. The strange thing is that each these moments isn’t always objectively better than one which may have come before but they still feel as if they are. What appears to be true is that the perfection of any moment can’t really be compared to another. The mind however, when it experiences perfection, thinks since it’s utterly perfect, then it must be better than anything which came before. It’s a very sweet experience, and more wonderful yet when it happens over and over and over and over again.

I wrote some about this in an earlier post, where I refered to it as the Aunt Marie effect, after a woman who always seemed to think that whatever she was doing was the best thing she had ever done. What I think it comes down to is that in the moment, there is nothing better than exactly that which is. I know that things can always be improved upon, but there is even perfection to be found in something’s “improved-upon-able-ness” which still makes it perfect as it is. It’s as if the kinetic possibility of future objective perfection is embodied within the present moment.

This is also related to the Joy I’ve been posting about recently as well, since I’m coming to believe that wherever pure appreciation or joy are present, then the perfection of whatever is becomes palpable.

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