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  1. Ted,

    Can you describe the difference between loving another when one is “in touch with their own need” versus loving another when one is “out of touch?” The reason I am asking is because I don't know that I totally agree with the concept: that in order to love another we need to be in touch with our own need for love.

    For me:
    I believe we can love deeply because it is instinctive… this allows every being to experience it regardless of their awareness. It is often the experiences of love that take us off guard, that feel the most profound; touching us in areas of our psyche we didn't know existed; peeling the layers of our being back, and baring the foundation of who may now become.

    Another aspect to this is that when you are aware and thus potentially seeking something, it seems the most elusive; not because it isn't out there, but because our preconceived notions of what it is come into play.

    I had someone ask me today, “how do you know when you have touched people's lives without the benefit of hindsight?” I tried to explain that it's a feeling of connection… a subtle resonance that the simplest gesture can impart. Then of course the conversation turned to “how much is enough” …to which I wasn't certain how to reply because it is something you “just know” when you experience it. Like an embrace, where we allow ourselves to be guided by the connection; life can be like this when we are open to simply breathing it in.

  2. I just wanted to say that I have been enjoying your posts immensely.

    My hectic life, balancing kids/spouse/friends/work/etc, is very different from yours. However, reading your journey and exploration gives me time to reflect and see how it relates to my journey. You have a gift with words that makes your writing insightful, soothing, and not “self-obsessively circular” (if that makes sense). You're always growing and moving forward. So much thought goes into each post (theme, photos, writing), yet you make it look effortless.

    I'm replying “anonymously” not because I'm a coward, but because I do not want you to have external readers influence your journey. I think you may have many readers who feel the same as I do. Your post on writing in “one voice” was a brave one (as with all these posts). I don't think I could be so open without worrying about what my relatives thought. As we get older, we gain the self-confidence to be more comfortable with ourselves.

    I am a “distant acquaintance” and thank you for contributing to my life via your journey. Hopefully, I'll be able to give back to you in some other way in the future. Keep up your work and know you have silent supporters who read your blog diligently!

  3. I seek connection… to love and to be loved… just about every day, and offer myself and my eyes to others, usually, as a gift and as a bridge. Thanks for sharing — I liked the poem too. I speak that language very well…

  4. 4dabirds – I appreciate your comments very much. To answer your question, the difference, in my opinion, between loving someone when we are in touch with our own need and loving someone when we are not, is perhaps the degree of the depth of our generosity with that love. I actually agree that love in very pure and that it doesn't need our own self-awareness of our need to be expressed and lived fully. What I think I'm trying to say (or at least understand for myself) is that when we touch the depths of our own need for connection, then I think our desire to be generous with our love can grow, for we then can better identify the receptive need in others. When we know someone is hungry, we want to feed them. If they are hungrier, we want even more to feed them. Maybe better said, it can become more about giving nourishment to others through our love than simply loving.

    Anonymous – thank you for your support. It means more than you can know. You are gifted with writing, awareness and expressing yourself as well. Would always love to hear more.

    Gregg – that's great. You've always been a marvel of connection and community. To me there is a difference between seeking connection as you say, and feeling our own yearning or need for connection. I'm curious about your experience with that.

  5. Ted… thank you for the expansion on your thoughts – I've been reading your blog as part of my own mindful approach to gain insight on what barriers people face to being more open. Your choice to articulate this journey, allows me to key into important areas that I perhaps take for granted.

    I have always been a pretty open person, so it befuddles me a bit, how others are NOT like this. It's not even that they are closed per se, it's more that many run on a kind of auto-pilot.

    When you said, “when we know someone is hungry, we want to feed them,” it strikes a chord with me. Coming from the way I have always been, their hunger is palpable. It's like a whitenoise that we begin tuning out at some point, and forget to tune back into.

    Even on our darkest days, there are rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds to nourish us if we are willing to simply look about and SEE them… some days I'm more the sunshine, and others, I benefit from the kindness of other benevolent benefactors that take the shape of people, places, creatures big and small… even a song or scent that brings back the rush of an experience and changes the tide from ebb back to flow.

    So keep putting it out there Ted – the water's warm and safe 🙂

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