“Perfect Truth in World Existence is Possible”

I just read my friend Lori’s post on her Circumsolatious blog. She posted an excerpt from a writing by Sri Aurobindo, the Indian metaphysician/yogi who left his earthly body back in 1950. Here is a quote from that which I loved:

“If life in the world were irrevocably bound to misery, a means of escape from this bondage would be the sole secret worth discovering. But perfect truth in world-existence is possible; for God here sees all things with the eye of truth; and perfect bliss in the world is possible; for God enjoys all things with the sense of unalloyed freedom. We can also enjoy this truth and bliss, called by the Veda mrtam, Immortality, if by casting away our egoistic existence into perfect unity with His being we consent to receive the divine perception and the divine freedom.”

I do believe this. The word “God” can load it too much for many people, but at its core, I believe this to be true. If you struggle with God, perhaps try substituting the word Truth or the word Being for God and see if that helps – or insert your own word if there is something that works better for you.

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Hey Ted, Am just sitting down at my computer to catch up with your blog and travels and am glad to see here that you liked/resonated with that Sri Aurobindo quote. He definitely has a way of telling it like it IS. Thanks for linking to Circumsolatious.
Hugs and Love, Lori

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