“Perfect Truth in World Existence is Possible”

I just read my friend Lori’s post on her Circumsolatious blog. She posted an excerpt from a writing by Sri Aurobindo, the Indian metaphysician/yogi who left his earthly body back in 1950. Here is a quote from that which I loved: “If life in the world were irrevocably bound to misery, a means of escape […]

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“Boodh Mo!”

What an amazing evening. I had met a couple of men in their mid twenties in L’viv while hanging out at an outdoor café near the opera house and they had offered that I could visit them back in their home of Kolymiya further south in the Ukraine. When I realized it was well on […]


Self Protection? Just Good Sense?

Since I’ve been back in the states, about 5 weeks now, I still haven’t watched any news programs (except Jon Stewart on The Daily Show – but that doesn’t really count, since it’s more comedy than news) or read any newspapers. It’s a habit I got into in India. The main reason for me, I […]