Freedom From Doing — 7 Comments

    • Yes. Letting go of doing, and just let the doing happen of its own accord. Try it next time you’re driving with both hands on the wheel. just something to play with a bit.

  1. Doing sourced from being vs doing for doing’s sake. It’s like being in the world, not of the world. Doing without efforting is being done; aligning with divine doing.

    Upon recently returning from my first silent retreat, for 15 days, many opportunities to effort presented themselves (my house renovation incomplete, car and refrigerator breaking down, infinite numbers of beans and cucumbers to harvest and preserve, clients to prepare for…). Because of the most deeply relaxing, zero doing-with-effort period of my life (I’m a recovering workaholic), my response upon return has been this deliciously detached, soft, being with whatever serves love, harmony and beauty. I have also had an incredible amount of energy and stamina in spite of the heat index over 100.

    Such gifts!

    So looking forward to the next opportunity.

    So happy for you, Ted!


  2. I have been exploring this for a while. Amazing how allowing just being/sitting, etc., requires new grooves. I appreciate your insights and realize along with you that this kind of non-doing is not not doing. Here’s something I wrote kind of about it, yesterday:
    landing here in
    desireless emptiness
    supported by silence
    and the shocking presence
    of Nature
    what to do?

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