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  1. Ted, I am into these posts. I am into your writing. It makes me want to share the “travelogue” of my own heart – to describe the endless, detailed weaving of the internal moods and the external scenery. It all keeps changing. I want to tell you about the truth of my love, the woman I adore, the ways I miss her, the vulnerability at play, the depth of my desire for her companionship, the dread of losing her (again), the fulfillment her love and attention bring to me, the taste of her lips. I don't know what telling you would do, what writing it would accomplish, how posting it would really matter or change any outcome. I guess it might make me feel less lonely, more understood, less isolated, more connected – at least while writing it. Congrats on staying in India. I may have to spend some serious time there if my deal with the lover falls through. Damn. God have some mercy on those people in Haiti, and when You get done with them, swing by my place for a while. I will leave the porch light on. Don't make me do this alone.

  2. Hey anonymous. I love your writing already. You actually venture into territory that I don't often go around the vulnerability and deliciousness of relationship. would love to read more if you care to write more, here or sending in private or elsewhere. A friend of mine suggested setting up an anonymous blog for writing things that are just too difficult to put on this one. You might think about that. I'd read for sure…

  3. Awesome, Ted. The biggest decision I ever made on a layover was to take a Taxi to The Rio for a few hours in Vegas. Weird to me how this far away place can feel like home to you. I sort of felt that way about Chicago after spending a lot of time there. But not so much anymore.

    When is your approximate return to the Sea Sanctuary, or at least the Bay Area?

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