Taking Aims – Cultivating Independence from Moods

from In our lives, we seem to have lots of moods that have incredible power over us – now I’m angry, now heavy, now lazy, now being hard on myself, now gregarious, now cranky, now afraid. Although moods naturally come and go, I’m noticing something that is rather obvious – our moods significantly impact […]

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Travel Gleanings

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” ~Martin Buber~ I’m on a plane returning to the states right now and thinking about what I’ve learned on this trip. What good is travel if it doesn’t fundamentally change who we are? This is the first time I’ve actually traveled around the world, […]

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Today it began to become clear to me what has been the reason for my more emotional swings while on this trip. As you know if you’ve been reading lately, there’s definitely been more variance in my moods than is usual for me. I think the common theme has to do with “disconnection.” As a […]