Observations from Delhi Airport and Breaking the Sugar Attachment — 3 Comments

  1. I still crave sugar. It is the hardest addiction (other than unhealthy relationships?) that I’ve struggled (am still struggling) to overcome. When I haven’t had sugar for a while, and then do, it tastes so sickly overly sweet, like when I tasted your mango django dealies. But I get irritable and anxious and something GNAWS at me until I go get a fix. I try staving it off with pure dark chocolate, drinking lots of water and stevia-sweetened teas, chomping on an entire jicama root, but nope, I WANT SUGAR.

    And maybe I’m addicted to starch as well. There’s sugar insidiously in /everything/. Bread, every sauce, pretty much anything with an ingredients list. I finally found a brand of mayonnaise that doesn’t contain sugar. Living and eating with Jon has made me acutely aware of the sugars in everything.

    I have higher priorities than my fulfilling my biological primate cravings for sugar. It is unnaturally abundant, but I am still wired to WANT MORE, and whoops, there it is. So available.

    As to making caveats and starting out with loopholes, I’ve found (even though I don’t bring any sugar home) that I easily celebrate “holidays” every direction. Oh, my friend offered me tea and a biscuit; it’s a holiday! Not eating sugar in India is going to cut down on Every Single Food Item, unless you cook it yourself from scratch, every time.

    Best of luck, and in non-sugar solidarity!

    • Molly, thanks for your comment on sugar cravings. It’s a battle, as these impulses come straight straight from the pleasure center of the brain. No different than crack and sex in that they always lead to wanting more. Sometimes thinking about the biology of the brain and recognizing that we are simply driven in many ways by wiring helps me to fend off impulses which may be destructive. Sometimes, I can say to my brain, “oh no you don’t!” with a finger waggle.

      In a place like Kathmandu where I’m not as in control of my food options as meals here are largely served to me, the best I choose to do is make conscious choices. I try not to be dogmatic about these things unless it’s truly what proves to be required.

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