Don’t Make Me Go to that Party — 2 Comments

  1. Being in the Hospitality industry for the last 16 years has given me the happenstance to see people in many different lights… I guess the way that I see it is this: people cannot open up and have meaningful and passionate conversation because they often don't take the time to evaluate how they feel about things. So to expect that they will go beyond the esoteric, isn't entirely fair. I can't imagine what they do with their day while they are not thinking about things, and they can't imagine why my brain doesn't implode… and that is how we kind of connect 🙂

    Again, because of my trade, I have had to learn to thrive in both environments and looking back, it has given me as a person, a lot of balance. I still gravitate towards depth, but I am able to rebound and not get caught up in it to the point where I am not light-hearted and fun. I really think this is an important thing to key into; finding that place where you are able to punctuate the depth with laughter!

    HaPpY Holidays! ☺

  2. I love when you ssay that when you were able to be unconfortable is when things started opening…
    I've been taking this Process class for the last months and it's been a lot about just experience the feelings that come to surface, instead of trying to figure them out or trying to fix them (which it's been the tendency for me). It's been painful but mind blowing to discover that experiencing feelings, even when they are torturous, is the best way to experience being alive. I have to say it's the first time I am experiencing being really alive, as astonishing (and even frustrating at 35) it sounds.

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