Whose Life Is This Anyway? — 3 Comments

  1. So what you ask? A child can make it that black and white but an adult understands the greyness of many of his decisions.

    What if you taste buds love it but your stomach hates it?
    What if your tongue loves it but 100 people have to die for you to eat it?
    What if you love eating it but other creatures have to be tortured for you to enjoy it?

    Don't learn how sausage is made, just enjoy it. If you enjoy it, that's all that matters.

    Love unprotected sex? So What, enjoy it. Who cares what other say.

    Love drinking? Go for it.

    They greyness of the world is what makes it so interesting, how we make different decisions for different reasons with different oucomes based on different scenarios. But what we (and you) know well – much of what we do and decide as multi-dimensional – and grey.


  2. I very much agree with you Miles, life is very gray and not necessarily as black and white as a reader of this post might perceive. The point I am trying to make, in a way, is that the decisions we make and the beliefs we have are largely unconscious, and I am trying to infuse a more full sense of consciousness to my life choices.

    Animals do suffer as a result of our food choices and that is a huge part of why I've chosen to be vegetarian over the 2+ past years. In many ways in my life, however, I've lost sight of what I “actually want and believe.” Mingled into that gray area of life also should be factored what we love and what we enjoy. I'm not saying we should only listen to that voice. Far from it. I'm saying that it would be helpful for me to actually pay full attention to the choices I am making and figure as much as possible into the equation, and heaven forbid I should stop factoring in my personal likes/dislikes.

    In my past few weeks of rantings and fighting for my own voice, my own truth, I'm sure I've moved further to one side than the place where I will naturally settle. One thing is for certain, however, and that is that as hard as I may push, my heart continues to speak in a clear voice, “don't forget me. Don't Forget my love in the equation.” And I do love animals, all animals, and do not want them to suffer. I even save insects from my hot-tub and carry spiders outside on a regular basis. I am trying to come at my life and the choices that I make from a place of complete truth for me, and not just from one of dogmatic opinion and rejection, or societally impressed mores or values.

    Life is sacred. Do I stop driving even thought that I know that perhaps hundreds or thousands of insects lives will be cut short on the grill/windshield of my car when I take a trip somewhere? I have factored that in at times, but I still take the trip. Do I support abortion rights? I do, yet I also am significantly more sympathetic to abortion foes and the unborn fetus, simply because my heart truly values life and the precious gift that it is. Life is indeed an amazing palette of gray area. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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