Alternative Measures of Success

My friend Diane stopped by for a visit for a couple of days on her way back home to Vancouver and since she’s an avid photographer, we went out a couple of times to the shore for photography excursions. One of the first things to note would be this excerpt from a High Surf Advisory […]

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Things We’ve Handed Down – Family Roots

So now I’m off in search of my ancestry, more specifically to find the roots of my paternal grandfather Moise Zeldman who came from a town called Khotin (pronounced around here with more of an implied K rather than a firm one). The photograph you see to the left is one of my grandfather before […]


Walking the Edge of Reality

I woke this morning at 5:47am. After being up after my Tuesday night poker game until midnight, that was a little early for me to be getting up. As I started my day, I noticed that I was feeling unsettled, like a low-level anxiety buzz in my system. There isn’t anything specific that has me […]

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Sweet Moments in Palani

Another incredibly precious moment here in India, this time in Palani where i’m spending a couple of days. It’s a major pilgrimage place. While on the bus coming here, one could see many, many groups of people walking together in this direction. I knew then and there that it would be a special place and […]


Mooji PhotoLove Session

Today was another wonderful day as it was the day I got to photograph Mooji. I went to the Satsang as I’ve done each of the 5 days I’ve been in Tiruvannamalai and as usual it was wonderful. He’s really a beautiful man, in heart, in spirit, in action, in presence, and he teaches so […]

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Sadhu Life

Another magical day in Tiruvannamalai. My Sadhu friend Shiv met me in town and walked me the backwoods path to meet with several other Sadhus. They are basically renunciates of working society and have decided to live the life of a mendicant, sleeping outdoors or in temples, asking for alms, and generally leading a very […]

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The Happiest of New Years

Dear God, what a night!What a New Year’s Eve! What a life to be alove (again that pesky typo) alive in. I’m still in Chennai and yesterday evening, I finally got my camera sent off to Delhi for repair and arranged for a loaner camera which I received.It’s not a full frame sensor like mine […]