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Visions of Minsk

I couldn’t quite find the heart of Minsk. Some places just feel heavier than others and Minsk seems to fall in to that heavy category for me. Life there feels burdensome rather than something to be celebrated and enjoyed. I know that is a broad brush stroke with which to paint a place, but it’s […]


Update From Nepal

Just the other day I was telling a friend that I need to push past my comfort zone and head out on a trek. What I loved about that statement was that it implied that Kathmandu has somehow become within my comfort zone. This city in all its chaos and cacophony has somehow become familiar […]


Shaving My Beard and the Struggle for Autonomy

I shaved my beard the other day and I went through a much stronger response than I had anticipated. Lidia had wanted to see me without a beard and I hesitated for a day or two, but then decided to shave it off, albeit temporarily. When I did, though, I actually felt emasculated. It was […]

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I Am 46

I am 46 years old. 46 ½ actually. So? To some of you that may seem old and to some that may seem rather young. In recent years, my age has begun to feel a little older than I would like to be. I think that is actually true for most people over the age […]