A View from Fifty

I said to one of my visiting friends the morning after my 50th birthday party, as I was carrying out some recycling: “after 50, chop wood and carry water.”  It’s a take off on the Zen saying: Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. I then added, “and […]

favorites speaking the truth

The White Lie and What’s Really True

The main issue that continues to arise for me lately is that of maturation and finding my own true voice. I’ve been practicing saying what is true for me while confronting the fear of losing love and being rejected. I have to say it has been incredibly difficult and surprisingly liberating at the same time. […]


Growing Up

Yesterday I went to see a skin specialist because of some poison oak which is affecting my eyes. I am not a pretty picture. When I got there, they checked my vital signs (weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature) and also my height. I haven’t been measured vertically for many years, and I’ve always believed my […]