I Am 46 — 3 Comments

  1. Teddy Boy: Just wanted to tell you I very much like seeing you in a beard in the “last night in Paris” photo. And, this is not because I am a woman who likes beards. That is not true at all it is just that I seem to have attracted men with beards. I sure never looked for it.

    But, on you it really fits and I think even the grey (though I cannot see that) would be a nice touch. You have a different look in your eyes and that is what I am seeing and you are sounding different. I always liked you in longish hair (i.e. around Amsterdam time together) – not encouraging that but I think just letting things go naturally and grow sort of fit with your kind of traveling. You will never look the same after all of this with a beard or not and hair or not. The changes are within and will be reflected and I think we are seeing that right now. Love you this way or the other but I never was into the clean cut image. This seems to be you. Now, be very careful who you hook up with and don't trust everyone, cut the cards (as Maurice advised). We love you and look forward to our own “gathering” in CA. Sandra

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