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Travel, Presence and Cultivating Meaningful Work

It’s kind of amazing how quickly I can kick into a different mode while traveling. Something happens to me once I finish everything I need to finish prior to a trip. It’s always such a slog to ready my home for a summer of renters and preemtively prepare for a summer away. Sometimes I’ll change […]

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Service and Self Worth

I’m recognizing how much our lives seem to be dictated by our perceptions of our own self worth. Questions of self worth seem to be pervasive in the human experience and play a great role in our motivations, both for self destruction as well as for moving in positive directions. I was recently writing in […]

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Departing Nepal and Further Orphanage Connection

  I’ve departed Nepal, but not without already feeling like my life may have been permanently altered. I have loved Nepal. So much more to learn and explore here. Volunteering at the orphanage in Pokhara was great and my heart was very touched by the direct connection I was able to have with the kids.  […]


Love and the Nepal Orphanage Underbelly

I’ve been volunteering here for a week now and I am so glad that I’ve made this choice. The sweetness and connection with the children is very reaffirming. I’m a bit torn, however, as I’ve learned more and more about the world of orphanages and volunteering in Nepal with its often dirty underbelly. My education […]

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“Shoulds” and the Rumblings of Manifestation

I’m back in Chernivtsi in Ukraine, where I’ve been a few times over the past year now, and while I like it here, it’s easy for me to see how having a sense of purpose or activity in my life helps me to feel easy and comfortable, and how feeling a little less structured can […]