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To Be Fully Awake to Life is to be Joyful

To be fully awake to life is to be Joyful. I realized that while eating a meal with a dear friend I’ve made here in Europe. As we were about to start the meal, our last meal together for who knows how long, I was feeling many different things: Thankful for the time we’ve had […]

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Exploration of Joy, Rainbow part.2

(started a few days ago) Leaving Rainbow tomorrow and I really hate to leave. I’ve been having such a wonderful time here. Making so many friends and having wonderful experiences. Noticing that I’m having a little “Aunt Marie Syndrome.” Aunt Marie was the 80+ year old aunt of my ex Nancee who was often known […]

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Today is the day I dealt with the “Chicago portion” of my mom’s ashes. It was a wonderful experience. I drove to Foster Ave. beach where my mother loved to lie in the sun and swim and I set up a little altar. Nothing much, just a photograph of my mother and I together, my […]


Living in the Mind vs. Living in the Heart

I noticed something very interesting yesterday. For the first time since I’ve been back in the US, I started feeling disconnected. I went to a meditation group, talk and dinner that my Zen friend Robert holds on Thursdays, and I found that not only was my sitting very scattered, which is in contrast to some […]

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Getting the Mind Out of the Way of Sensing

I noticed something interesting today, about the mind and it’s effect on the eyes, on our capacity to see and be present with what we see. As I lay outside at my father’s place here in Thailand today, I noticed a tree which was the predominant object within my field of vision. I realized, however, […]