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Showing its back, and showing its front, A falling maple leaf Nothing to grab on to. ~ Ryukan This van thing is really working for me. I keep waking up happy and going to sleep happy and pretty much happy in between. I feel very uncomplicated. Simple. Not fussed. Living in this van this summer […]

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Nepal Trek – Upper Mustang – Part I

Jomsom to Kagbeni I Love spaciousness. My soul loves being in the middle of vastness. Something in me very simply relaxes. This feels like the most amazing place in the world. It may well be, or perhaps it’s that my mind simply confuses perfection, which I find here, with penultimacy. I’ve just begun my trek […]



I’ve noticed something on this drive across the southwest. I’ve driven from Chicago down through Illinois, through parts of Missouri and Tennessee, across Arkansas, down through and across Texas, up into and across New Mexico, across Arizona and now into the desert of Southern California. What I’ve noticed very clearly is that I love space. […]

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Space and the Avoidance of Specific Discomforts

Space is a funny word for me as it’s a bit of a two-edged sword. On one hand, spaciousness is one of the more delicious feelings that occurs for us in our human experience. There is such an ease and acceptance to be found in spaciousness. On the other hand, I seem to have a […]