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  1. I take possession of my Vista in early Sept with plans to outfit it as an art studio/home and exit plans for end of March 2020. Dreaming of what you are doing, contemplating my navel, my life, creativity, nature, and all that… I know will follow in due course. Please stay in touch with me. Friends from Santa Cruz via Paradise now live in Kalispel, in case you are up for new, lovely friends!

    • Hi Suzy, thanks for your offer of friends to meet in Kalispel, but am already further south in Missoula visiting another old friend here. Your plans sound wonderful. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  2. Don’t forget the chance to get way-laid at the Yuba!

    LOVEEE your sharing … photos … and knowing each place you travel I am certain you offer so much kindness and acceptance and the energies we SOOO need at this point in time ! And I absolutely love the care and kindness you are giving to yourself!

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