“Fresh Baguette”

“Fresh Baguette” is a song I wrote recently while camping in my van alongside the Hoh River on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. It came through relatively quickly over a few days of concerted effort, but it took about another month for the song to finally stop moving and relax into the form in which […]

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Traveling Home

Showing its back, and showing its front, A falling maple leaf Nothing to grab on to. ~ Ryukan This van thing is really working for me. I keep waking up happy and going to sleep happy and pretty much happy in between. I feel very uncomplicated. Simple. Not fussed. Living in this van this summer […]

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Robb Envy

My first stop on this drive was Memphis to visit my friend Robb.  He’s not someone I’ve been very close to through the years, but we were acquaintances back in grammar school. We reconnected through Facebook and seem to have found an affinity for one another so I thought it would be a nice first […]