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Travel Gleanings

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” ~Martin Buber~ I’m on a plane returning to the states right now and thinking about what I’ve learned on this trip. What good is travel if it doesn’t fundamentally change who we are? This is the first time I’ve actually traveled around the world, […]

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Loving Life in Colombo, Sri Lanka

It didn’t take long. Yesterday I fell in love with Sri Lanka. Actually it’s almost as if I fell in love with Life, for life is happening here, it’s right here in Colombo on the streets, waiting for a bystander such as myself to get drawn into its ballet. I am realizing how much I […]


Last Day in Istanbul and on to Sri Lanka

I just realized something. I’ve been gone from home for 3 ½ weeks and I’ve had only one morning this entire time where there was sunshine where I’ve been. I am a creature who needs sun and I think part of my mood these past few days has been caused by the accumulation of the […]

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Istanbul – Outside the Fishbowl

I’m here in Istanbul and it’s chilly. After 3 weeks in wintry Ukraine and a few more days here, I am tired of the cold. My head is cold. Today I will make it my main priority to find a Turkish Bath and warm these bones of mine. I’ve been struggling a little bit here. […]

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Speaking the Truth and On to Istanbul

Off I go – onward from Ukraine. I really had a wonderful time there, especially in terms of adventures of the heart. Beyond relationship, though, Ukraine, while interesting to me, is just not a place that touches my heart so much. It’s beautiful, can be romantic in beautiful cities such as L’viv, and has lovely […]