The Great Animal Holocaust — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting topic. As crazy as it sounds, I wonder what the population of these animals (e.g., cows) would be if it wasn’t for their role in the food industry. Certainly many of the domestic animals would have difficulty surviving in what little “wild” is left. And, most of these animals don’t make ideal pets. I’m not condoning the poor treatment of animals, but I just wonder how many would exist if people stopped eating meat entirely.

  2. Ted, I strongly support your passion for this topic.

    I don’t proselytize about being a vegetarian (16 years now) and I didn’t become one because of animal cruelty, but shortly after making the change to veggie, the treatment of animals for food because a very strong secondary reason to never eat meat, port, chicken, fish…The book “Diet for a New America” was a real eye opener. I don’t think it’s as much about big “money” driving the increase as it is a rising global middle class. People always want to blame suppliers and let the buyers off the hook.

    The truth is, as people get wealthier, across all classes, race, gender, they have similar habits, one of which is dramatically more animal protein consumption. If people demand veal, someone will supply it. If someone wants white meat chicken, someone will supply it. The antibiotics they pump into cattle because they’re being fed grain instead of their natural diet of grass is horrifying.

    If we could educate the buyers on how “sausage is made,” that’s where things could change. In the mean time, if we could just get westerners to eat even slightly less animal protein…one less burger per week, the suppliers would take notice.

    There are some positive signs of change from suppliers. Years ago, McDonalds required suppliers of meat to provide a more “humane” way to kill cattle, based on a fascinating autistic visioneery named Temple Grandin. My hope is that in an iPhone/YouTube society, the visuals of animal destruction become more prominent.

  3. There are so very few pages on the web dealing with the animal holocaust. Therefore I appreciate your animal holocaust page. Many sentiments are my own.

    However, the only way people will stop eating animals, and bring an end to the animal holocaust, is when people successfully research how to make artificial meat – as real as and cheaper and plentiful than animal meat. Being a veggie/vegan will not influence anything. Best regards, Ben.

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