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Lives as They Unfold

I’m back in Chicago where I’ve been for a little over a week now. As most of you know, this is where I was born and grew up so I have lots of family and friends here. I’m getting to the age now where I’ve had a chance to see how lives that I’ve known […]

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“Yah, and Whose Fault is That?”

I returned from my weekly local Buddhist Meditation group this evening and I must say I really love it.  And not for any reason you could easily imagine.  It’s not that it’s necessarily so educational, although it occasionally can be with some interesting talks by speakers.  It’s not that I love the people who go […]

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Shining a Light on Petulance

Noticing all sorts of things about myself today. I wrote to my cousin Riva today, (my father’s cousin actually) and in the message I wrote that “travels seem to give my mind a chance to expand and gives me fuel for self exploration and discovery, and to feel the edges of my life that haven’t […]