Shining a Light on Petulance — 1 Comment

  1. I can really relate to how you felt about the way you acted and responded to those situations. Just returned from Chiang Mai where there were many, many confrontations of this type. First, about a songtao where the guy demanded three times as much as we knew the ride to cost. Often, I respond to Serge's reaction which is usually a little mean and too strong for me like when the guy did not take the money and demanded more he wanted to WALK and the driver could go to hell. There were many of those things within a short period of time. Times are hard and they are not making money enough.

    Later a guy in a bar jumped up and attacked another guy for calling his shitsu doggie Barbeque (and Serge and I had been looking at the dogie and Serge was saying some funny things to me so he could have been the one the guy jumped instead). It was so ugly and just full of anger. The guy was a total asshole and follows the guy who made the remark hitting him and yelling like a jerk. I was totally nervous and wanted to leave immediately as Serge kept saying the guy was a total nut and I feared he would surely piss the guy off. I would go to great lengths to avoid any confrontation and will quickly give in unless I am being obviously ripped off. But it feels much better. The anger and getting in that ugly place where you say terrible things and react really sucks and hurts you more than the other person. Sandra Seymour

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