Being a Man favorites VanLife

Blind Spots

When I first bought my van, I remember driving and trying to merge into heavy traffic on my right side. Given the geometry involved and the lack of side windows, I simply couldn’t see sufficiently. I managed to navigate by getting out of the van, watching and waiting until the road seemed clear, hustling back […]

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Wandering a World of Uneven Opportunity

While on this short trek, it feels so gratuitous to have hired a guide to carry my things. Saying thank you regularly doesn’t seem to truly assuage the awkwardness for me. As a vegetarian, I believe that my life shouldn’t necessarily dictate whether another life should end in service of my palate. In relating with […]


For These I Am Thankful

Here’s my shortlist of things that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving: All of the people in my life whom I love and/or who love me Peace of mind Health Financial stability Living life in a beautiful place Opportunities to travel Path on which I seem to continue to grow daily Life at home free […]