Blind Spots — 4 Comments

  1. I feel like my world view of seeing everyone as good is in the process of shifting. Just as in your story. Am I just not seeing reality?

    • I guess the truth of it would be that good/bad is just a construct of the mind. Like Shakespeare/Hamlet said, “there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Some people tend to see the good, some the bad. I personally find it more enjoyable to be around people who see the good. Their optimism brings me up. Those who see the bad may be more accurate at times, but it feels in a way like they bring the overall energy down. I love a quote attributed to Nelson Mandela where he said “It never hurts to think the best of someone, they often act the better because of it.” Seeing the good in someone I suppose is like applying the concept of “Right Speech” for the mind, like silencing the gossip that exists just in our thoughts. But on the converse, when seeing the good results in a form of blindness to reality, then perhaps it’s outlived it’s useful life. Just random thoughts. Thanks Karen.

  2. Wow!, well stated Ted! Life is tough and as women we so need our male advocates to help speak our truths. Thank you for your honest insights into our “blind spots” in our evaluation of life’s events. Tough to acknowledge, powerful to admit!

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